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    Getting back into it, Summit VXL?

    Hey guys, took a break from the hobby for a bit and I'm on the fence with getting back into it. I go back to college start September and was debating on getting a RC since the money put away for a new laptop I no longer need (mother got a new one, I'll just pop a SSD in her old one and use that) a new laptop. Figured a toy would be nice to tinker with when I have a little free time. The Summit VXL intrigued me because of it's ground clearance and it's scaler-like appearance.

    Now, what are the common must needed upgrades and modifications. It's obviously built off the Merv which was a relatively proven platform but what should I look out for? Do the diffs need to be shimmed too?


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    Yes the diffs are the same part, so do need to be shimmed. Its not just built off the merv, its 95% the same truck. The only functional differences between the merv and mini summit are driveshafts, rockers, rear arms, shock oil, and the pinion. ( well obviously wheels and tires too).

    For upgrades, all the traxxas minis need a new servo sooner or later, I recommend a savox 0250mg. It's full Metal gear, ball bearing, and keeps it waterproof, plus it's a drop in fit.

    Rpm arms are recommended. The stockers are tough, but you will break them eventually. Rpm doesnt make summit rears, so you need to use revo arms. You do lose the summits extra 1/3" of wheelbase, but the extra durability is more than worth it IMO.

    Get a few mini revo driveshaft, and as the summit driveshaft break (and they will) replace the with mini revo shafts, which are much stronger.

    Get a pair of 2 cell lipos and run them in parallel, not only will you gain 5mph over the stock nimh , but you will get around 45min of runtime from thar setup.

    You will eventually want to get an aluminum servo saver/bellcrank, for when the plastic one breaks.

    With all that, your truck will be pretty bulletproof as long as you can keep it within 4-5 feet of the ground and avoid running into immovable objects.

    After that, my next upgrade would be a computer radio. I Love my dx4c, but anything that gives you epa and exponential would be a good upgrade.

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