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    Traxxas Slash 4amp DC Fast Charger Is not Working?!?

    I just got my traxxas slash and got it ready to run when I started to charger it. I realized I needed a DC wall adapter so I picked one up. I plugged it into the wall then plugged in the charger first. Next I put the battery in so I wouldn't blow th fuse and it starts off blinking normally. But within 30 seconds it starts blinking red non stop. I took out the fuse and it was fine and everything seems normal. Why is this happening what do I do???


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    So readin the manual

    1 red flash - Power Srce Error
    2 red flash - Battery Error
    3 - safety timer
    4 - internal temp too high
    7 - battery volatge too low....

    let me know what you see on the charger..

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