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    Need help with Slash platinum

    Im pretty new to RC and Im wanting to get the Slash platinum. I understand it coms with no remote or batteries l. My question is, does the car have a reciever in it or do all transmitters come with there own reciever? Will most recievers fit inside the slash platinum? And Can i still get the TSM system in a slash platinum?

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    The Platinum comes with no radio, so it is up to you to pick your own radio system. I would recommend going with the Ultimate instead, it comes as an RTR package with TSM installed. The only thing you might want to get right out of the box is a charger, I believe the stock charger is DC only (car plug).

    As far as radios (TX) go, they do come with a receiver (RX), and they are already bound together. Ever modern RX I have seen easily fits into the receiver box.

    Just for your info, there is a 4WD and 2WD Slash forum, you are in the 2WD, the Platinum and Ultimate are 4WD models
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