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    Question Steering servo, batteries and a 6 times harder ring/pinion?

    Hey all!

    What servo have you upgraded to? I am completely stock when it comes to electronics and motor...except the Castle 2028 fan.

    I noticed the steering doesn't work as well as when it was brand new lol but that's to be expected.

    -Anybody noticed battery swelling? Traxxas just told me that can be normal and they can actually go back to normal.

    Thoughts on what seems to be a new company making batteries, ring and pinion etc? KERSHAW Racing?! I saw they sold ring and pinion that's "6 times harder than stock"

    I also put metal washers on my body, works like a charm!
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    KD diff gear would be nice. They had a issue with them so the are working on a solution. Supposedly mid September. But I thought I saw someone post that they just bought a set...idk.

    Some people have found cracks in steering links and rack.

    Puffing batteries means over heating. Usually not good. It will go down but you may notice after a while they don't like charging.
    I love SPC and KERSHAW batteries.
    Kershaw has been around for a while. Good stuff built for a beating.

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    Someone was just on here bragging about his new lipo carrying case, an Army ammo can. Oh boy!

    It would be really great if members abided by the spirit of the rules as well as the letter of them.
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