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    Anything better then cotter pins?

    Just bought a Pede 4x4. Loving it so far. The only thing I do not like are the cotter pins. To hold the body on and the battery in. Any thing faster/easier to use?


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    Rpm makes a nice body mount with screw on fasteners to hold the body ... probably not any faster to get on tho.
    Most use Velcro to hold there battery in .

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    I use proline body caps. I didn't buy the whole kit with body mount posts I just bought the caps. I cut off the little shaft with cotter pin hole, then drilled hole for stud.
    They're not faster but hold more securely and you don't loose them.
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    i did the exact same thing as briber did and prefer them over anything else.
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    Although I still use the stock cotter pins I don't have a problem with them popping off. But than again I am not a heavy basher I have Pro-Line screw cap body setup on my parts rack on my r/c bench but I am thinking of installing the pro line setup onto my Stampede. I hear they work very well My Step Son's friends run the Pro Line Screw Cap setup on there RIGS & they like the setup alot

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    Just recently bought the extended body mounts from proline with the screw caps and i love them. Hold the body on much more securely.
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