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    Finally installed 3.4 carb

    Well after some bashing friday night I took the truck inside and took a look at everything like I always do. I noticed a little seepage coming from the 3.3 carb under the fuel inlet. I was like thats odd, so i proceeded to tighten it. All it did was keep spinning. Great its stripped somehow. I took the HSN out of the carb and sure enough there was black plastic around the threads. I dont know how that happened but I wasnt happy. I tried locktite for a temporary fix but that didnt work at all. Then I remembered I ordered a 3.4 carb a while back. I remember trying to install it but it would not fit. The throttle linkage is bigger than the one on the 3.3 so it would not fit the servo part of the linkage set up. All I had to do was take a dremel and sand a little off of the 3.4 throttle arm. Then i put the carb on and i adjusted the stopper on the servo throttle part of the linkage and VOLIA! It works! Opens all the way and closes all the way. The only problem I can see is that the servo its self might be a little weak, but it will work for now. I then went outside and got my idle adjusted and my lsn is set perfectly. I did the pinch test and it runs for about 5 seconds and dies. I am pretty sure I got the HSN adjusted pretty good as well. I was running with the body off and i was getting temps around 210f compared to my 260f with the 3.3 carb. Also, it seems to run much smoother and power delivery seems much better. She was doing little wheelies where before it just seemed boggy and unresponsive. I didnt want to lean it out anymore seeing my temps were already getting pretty high with the 3.3 carb. So today I will continue on with my final adjustments and see how it goes. I already like this carb 100 times more than the old, leaky, hard to tune, crap.
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