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    I Upgraded to Brushless and Now my Car Doesn't Work

    I have an E-Revo 1/10 4WD Monster Truck 56036-1 which I purchased
    in March. It ran great with the stock motors.

    I installed a Traxxas MXL-6S brushless system. I use Traxxas 2S Lipo
    batteries. It worked fine for a while.

    There is a tear in the insulation in the wire from the left steering
    servo to the receiver box. I covered it with black electrical tape.

    Now the vehicle does not respond to commands from the remote. When I
    turn it on, one steering servo runs continuously and the other does
    nothing. The ESC beeps and the lights blink, and the ESC fan runs.
    Otherwise, it does not operate.

    I recharged the batteries and out fresh batteries in the remote.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    one of your servos might be damaged. disconnect both from the receiver and turn on the car + remote. if you can accelerate the car one of the servos is done. connect one after the other to find out which and replace it.

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