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    Tx Firmware Upgrade Fail

    Hi all,

    So today I installed Traxxas Link and plugged my ipod into the TQi Transmitter. After messing around a bit, I went into the Training mode page. There, it asked me to upgrade the tx firmware. (cant remember the version numbers). I tapped update or whatever the button was called. It brought me to a screen which said, getting information from the transmitter with a spinning animation below it.

    After about 10 minutes, I noticed the transmitter's light was off. 30 mins later, the app was still hung on the same screen and I decided I had enough and closed the traxxas link.

    Now the transmitter won't turn on (no light and no control). What should I do now? How can I fix it? I live in Australia and sending it to Traxxas may be expensive.

    If I can't fix it, a good, cheap transmitter recommendation would be appreciated.

    BTW, yes, the batteries were full and plugged in.

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    Did you figure anything out. I got an upgrade notification after installing new Rx and update failed. Now I have solid red light on Tx and it's dead.

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