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Thread: Replacing Motor

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    Replacing Motor

    Quick question, my son has the Telluride and we started stripping out spur gears lately. I finally decided to pull out the motor as I could not get the mesh set properly. It looks like the motor shaft is moving just enough to not allow a proper mesh to be set. I see alot of post about the 12t motor as not being a good fit for this car and most seem to recommend the emax motor. Can I use the same mount, spur gear, pinion gear and batteries. Or does all of this need to be changed. If so, what are the recommendations?



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    Get an aluminum motor mount? Kingzhead or Traxxas. This will keep the motor from moving.

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    well this has also happened to me 3 times with the 12t and i know it is annoying as heck, but on the other hand, check how long the teeth are on the plastic drive gear. My truck had a bad bearing in the motor. If the bearing goes bad it allows the spur gear to move around on the plastic drive gear.

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    Are you using 32P gears? This is what I'm using and I also went with a 21 T motor.

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