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    traxxas tmaxx 2.5

    an ebay seller is selling a tmaxx 2.5 for 250$. it has all necessary parts except fuel. he says that 3/4 a gallon of fuel has been through it and he has had it for 3 years but never really uses it. the pictures look nice and in good quality--

    ps: i got both sellers to lower their prices a bit

    Another seller is also selling his tmaxx 2.5r with brand new engine. hasnt even been broken in. this is for about 290$. its pull start and the only things i need is the glow plug starter and fuel. ----

    Which of these is the better buy. will the older engine one last long even though it had not alolt of fuel go through it or should i go for the brand new engine one for 40$. which one looks and sound better? thanks!

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    Personally, i never put that much faith in used nitro regardless of what it looks like in the ad. I want to be able to examine it and test it out. I trust, sure, but you have to verify. I have 3 maxxes, 2 of them are preowned when i got them. One was as advertised, the other "broke the night before" i came to see it. When i go see a used one, my starting point is half of full advertised new price, regardless of the mods or how much they paid. This gives me room to buy and replace parts for the broken stuff i miss when i first look at it. Nitro motors burn out fairly easy if one is not careful. I check compression by spinning the flywheel by hand. I have a new one so i kinda know how much resistance should be. "Needs tuning" for me is a red flag. I would offer him $120 less than the half price. If a truck needs tuning, we normally research and get it tuned. If the person gave up on it then worse case scenario is that it ran ragged and now its damaged. Just my 2 cents, depending on your area, used ones pop up on craigslist all the time right in your price range. The end result shouldbe that you got a used one and it did not cost u more than a new one to get it rynning well. Other wise, sign up for a credit card and pay it a little at a time. Like a car note.

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