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    TRAXXAS is #1 for a reason... Fired up my Nitro for the first time in 6 years!!

    Hey guys, fired up my Nitro for the kiddos yesterday for the first time in 6 years...They were impressed! I had to replace the on board battery, new receiver and radio, and some glows. Was trying to tune it just now and stripped the flywheel gears.

    It fired up good with the default settings, but once I give it some throttle, kills it. Also the reverse or brake did not work? So I messed around with it and the radio when all the sudden it starts going in reverse and Rpms start winding then dead. I noticed the plastic flywheel gears stripped.

    I am just trying to get this thing runnin and now we have failure... Can't post pictures or I would. Truck has a lot of aftermarket Integy anodized blue parts all over the unit and looks sweet with the monster Proline's.

    I will be heading back to the hobby shop again for the third time this week. Can't wait to get it runnin perfect!!!

    Will definitely be posting vids once I get some privileges!


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    I just stripped out my 40 tooth spur gear over last Saturday kind of surprised it did that. I figured something else broke on the trans but it was just the spur gear.

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    That is impressive. My buddy has a pede, 10 yrs in the garage. I dared him to get it started and it fired right up even with a 10yr old plug in there.

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    That's pretty good. 6 years is a long time

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