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    TRX2.5 Questions

    i was wondering what is the part number for the piston and sleeve for a standard TRX2.5 engine is?
    if i use a power tune blue cooling head and the part number TRX5230X piston and sleeve, is it fully up to 2.5R specs?

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    The only difference between the 2.5 and 2.5r (except for much older models of the 2.5, not many) is the cooling head.
    TRA5230X is the part number.

    I'd Ebay them myself, personally. Tower wants $46.99 for piston and sleeve + shipping. For that price with shipping you can get piston sleeve AND conrod from a new engine for around the same price shipped. That's what I do.
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    I second that. Same price less mess.

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