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    Help with tmaxx 3.3!!

    Ok so i got a second hand tmaxx from a trade for a 450 size electric heli and love the truck but i cant seem to get the tuning right! it runs great but it gets over 300 degrees on the tqi system very quick, im not sure how accurate it is. Ive tried to start at factory and cant seem to get it to stay cool, and this is all with the body off btw. does anyone have any suggestions or setups for the HSN and LSN? what about idle screw? with the HSN at 4 turns out and LSN flush it spits actual fuel out of the exhaust, is this normal? also when its running its constantly wanting to take off, what could this be? thanks guys!

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    First of all the factory settings are just to get you started. I have a sticky I wrote a long time ago, it's still active with over 120,000 views... Go over it along with the owners manual, follow the helpers like tune with 1/2 a tank of fuel, how to do the pinch test. The order you should go about tuning, etc.

    It should help out.

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    What nitro said.

    Get yourself a temp gun. 300deg is very hot, running it at that temp would shorten the life of the engine. Adjust your idle screw, 0.7-1.0mm then 1.75 turns on the LSN and 4 turns on the HSN. Tune for performance but verify with temp readings. HSN first, then LSN, then back to HSN fine tuning. Nitro´s write up is much more detailed. I suggest you familiarize yourself with it.
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