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    Cool Offroad Jato Ultimatum Review

    Traxxas Jato 3.3 with TQi 2.4GHz Radio and TSM TRA55077-3

    I wanted the "full package" - everything, JATO ULTIMATUM

    Two weeks of research: digging in Traxxas forum 2008-2012 posts, excel linear programming model to find the best upgrades price etc.

    1. THS Racing Exhaust
    2. Traxxas GTR Shocks
    3. RPM Arms Front/Rear
    4. Atomik Aluminum Caster
    5. Traxxas Aluminum Steering Buckle
    6. HITEC Metal Gear Digital Servos x 2
    7. Aggressive Technologies Aluminum Front reinforcement
    8. New Era Front Chassis Aluminum Brace
    9. Integy Aluminum Transmission Housing
    10. Hot Racing Carbon Fiber Dual Brake
    11. Hot Racing Aluminum Gear Box Cover
    12. Traxxas Aluminum Wheelie wheels
    13. Traxxas Steering Drag Link
    14. RPM Front Bumper
    15. Hot Racing Carbon Fiber Slipper Pads
    16. RC Solutions Roll Cage
    17. Proline Badlands - RR
    18. Proline Mohawks - FR
    19. BUKU 3 Shoe Performance Clutch
    20. Atomik Aluminum Front Bulkhead
    21. Traxxas Constant Velocity Driveshaft Set
    22. TORCO 20% Fuel

    Due to Traxxas Forum Rules, PM me if you have any question about the aftermarket parts. I will not be posting details.

    On Stock, I went up to 69mph according to Traxxas LINK app.

    With Upgrades, I was able to push to 78mph according to Traxxas LINK App


    1. TSM is BOMB (at least for bashing) It shouldn't be used in racing cause it's too good
    2. Exhaust makes difference.
    3. Brake needs to be good for on road , not so much on off road
    4. BUKU Clutch is amazing in low torque (Great customer service) but it does require lots of skill to tune.
    5. Reinforce weak points and designate a easily replaceable and cheap part for the sacrifice - For me, I chose shock towers.

    Final Verdict: JATO deserves to be rated at Skill Level 5.

    With the advancement of technology, Nitro and Gas RC Cars are becoming a relic from the past. I decided to go with JATO to bring back my reminiscence of the smell and the sound of nitro.

    If you're looking for something easy, Ready to Run, doesn't require lots of "tinkering" & "supplies" when you go out, get an electric.

    I am starting new SLASH 4x4 ULTIMATUM Project to show comparison between Nitro and Electric.

    Hit me up if anyone's in Los Angeles, CA !!!
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    Looks like an awesome bashing spot. Nice vid and thanks now I want one of those roll cages. Lol
    "Drive it like you stole it"

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    Thanks buddy!
    Roll Cage saved my motor head multiple times. I believe it's worth it if you do off roading.

    I made a better trailer video for it

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