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Thread: LVC Issues

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    LVC Issues

    For about a month now, my Xmaxx electronics have been shutting off whenever I put the truck in a high torque situation i.e. towing, pushing, or rock crawling. Everything is stock except for a CC fan ok my heat sink. I think this is Low Voltage Cutoff as I have never heard of any other reasons. This even happens on new batteries. Running Traxxas looks as well. Does the increased torque cause a spike in the voltage in one of the batteries? Are they not balanced right? Is this even a LVC issue? Do I need a BEC? Let me know if this post belongs in the electronics forum. Thanks in advance!

    Oops, meant to post in xmaxx forum, how do I change? Sorry
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    This section is for the Nitro TMAXX models, XMAXX has it's own section right here.
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    What size battery are you using?
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    And what is your truck doing when you are having this problem?

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