Gosh its been years since I've touched my mustang vxl. the last time i touched it I converted to a summit body and installed the lt rockers. as well as throwing on 1.9" mudslingers. the tires of which were okay on tire rub, considering I didn't swap the a arms out. but from there I lost the diff bearings and didn't want to, at the time, shell out the 2 bucks a bearing to replace them all, so I tried 2wd for a while and then parked the summut with disinterest after the stock nimhs started coming up short.

but as of late I've been trying to think of things to do in general and seeing as I bought the mustang with intentions on drifting I figured I would kick the cat again and tune it up to drift.... aswell as ditching the stock tires lol. I can make the tire slide perfectly and with ever bit of control for about 15 mins, but i'd run out of grease. as well as I am going to look into locking the diffs and keeping the lt suspension.

right now I just have it sitting but later tonight I'm planning on getting started on the front end then the rear end as well. then also pricing out batteries too.

so with drifting setup do you want both diffs or just one locked? and would I be able to set up the car to have a reasonable amount of body roll in the drift? like lets say lifting one of the front tires off the ground? I'm trying to go for a bouncy buggy look. but still have control.