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    Question Traxxas EZ start with LiPo?

    Hi there,

    Im new to the community, and just had a quick question. With the Traxxas EZ start wand, is it possible to use a 5200mah LiPo battery? I also have a 1400mah Lipo, if 5200mah is too much power. If so, these both have a deans connector. In order to connect the battery to the EZ start, must I use a male deans to a female tamiya? If this is the case, does the EZ start require a large or small tamiya connector?

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    I don't know which connector it takes but it should take a lipo. As long as it is 2s. It won't have a low voltage warning though.
    This will TOTALLY work, saw a guy on YouTube do it

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    I use my 2S all the time. Mah is more on the time side than power. The higher mah will last longer but have no more power than say a low mah. Power is in the voltage and this is why I use 2S vs. 3S. Never tried 3S as it is not needed and a higher mah is not needed unless you have no wat to charge it for a few days.
    All that is needed is a Tamiya to Traxxas plug adapter. I use velcro to strap the battery to the wand.
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