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    Traxxas- Tell us that you will continue to expand the Awesome Aton!

    As a long time R/C pilot and driver and owner of many Traxxas cars and trucks I bought my first quad copter last week- the Aton plus. I bought it to do some aerial video, and wanted to get to "know it" before I put the Hero4 silver in the gimbal. Well I've had so much fun with it in "turned up" sport mode I haven't even put the camera on it. Grant it I have heli- experience from a few years back so it wasn't as long of a learning curve for me, but this thing flat out performs! And it's proved durable- only eating a couple of sets of props when I got a little to confident. The trick button is cool, but with a tweak or two in the app it manual flips and rolls easily. So glad I didn't buy a dedicated aerial photography platform first. I would have been bored quickly. So Traxxas- Tell us something good.. Tell us your going to build on this home run product! Maybe I'll get bored and finally put the Go pro on it and try out what I bought it for in the first place in the mean time. Do it before I buy an FPV sport/ racer from another company would ya?

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    Been waiting all year for the fpv and 3 axis gimble. Kinda feel like it was false advertisement on their part. There are a couple months left.....maybe for Christmas. But their ads did say spring so who knows!
    I love it the way it is but as you said they should continue to build on this awesome platform!


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    I hate it when a company builds something nice but doesn't continue to innovate with it. Aton is a nice quad copter but think traxxas is to busy with there bread and butter, cars and trucks. If I decide to get another copter, will be looking elsewhere to a company that will focus on the copter and expand on it.

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    They are still pulling the strings and levers behind the curtain, In the land of Oz!...maybe soon?
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