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    Just a good day bashing

    I don't have any pics or video as i am not very good at doing that, but i would just like to say i had a great time running 3, 7.4 2S packs through my vxl equipepped slash today! Anytime it's a Saturday in January and the sun is shining & it's 44 degrees out & the dirt is somewhat dry-i'm very happy! It's been like 3 weeks or more since the ground was actually dry enough to run. I roosted dirt & flew 15' or more over a skateboard ramp & just had a blast in my own little world. I know my neighbors think i'm crazy............but, they just wouldn't understand.
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    All my friends think I'm nuts when they show up and im out bashing my with my rc(s). They only get a taste of the passion when I hand them the controller and tell them have at it. No one understands until your behind the wheel. Can't wait for my lipo to come in. I've only ran nimh for the past 3-4 years.
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    I tend to get 2948582992024 kids at the local BMX track watching. All the dad's ask how much and where though ;-)

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