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    2 sizes of tires?

    I have a set of 1158-17 Pro-Line Sling shot tires (Height:4.52" Width: 1.70") that I ran in the sand dunes with the stock tires of the front. It seemed to work good but bought a body lift kit and heard I could fit a pair of 1186-Sand Paw (Height:5.22" Width:2.70") underneath the body. They're on their way right now but wondered if I could put the paws on the back and the sling shots on the front? or would that mess up my differential with the different diameter tires? If not, do I buy another pair of paws? or similar height skinny tires? Any good ideas?

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    I wouldn't see much of a problem honestly. Differentials are made for differing speeds back to front. And since you already used different tires I doubt there will be any problems

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    A lot of bashers In the sand here in southern ca use a setup like that with no issues. Seems to be more effective on 2wd than 4wd but works either way

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    if it is in loose sand it should be fine, it's when you use different sized tires on a 4wd on a high traction surface wher you will have binding/breakage

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