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    Dual Pickup Rudder routing PICS + mods

    I didn't see any threads talking about this so I decided to make one for those of you who may wish to do this mod in the future. The rudder is from kinetic racing and the ferrule is HR. The ferrule is threaded 5\16 24. First I chose the spot I wanted to drill in then made a pilot hole with a 1\8th drill bit , I followed that with an L drill then tapped the hole. The transom is a lot thicker than i thought it would be which is great.

    Here is the location I chose after drilling and tapping

    After that I threaded the ferrule in and it fit perfect, I decided to pull it back off and add an O-ring just in case. I think its strange it didn't come with one.

    Using colorful zip ties I tied the two hoses together for a nice clean look.

    The lines exit the hull via the HR dual outlet, I decided to slightly updrill the holes for better flow.

    Here are some pics of it all buttoned up.

    Hope this was helpful, happy boating!

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    nice work and thanks for sharing

    exactly what I need to do

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    Good shots, just what I was looking for on a winter upgrade.

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    Great post. Thanks for putting it together. I've just started collecting the parts to do exactly what you've done. Nicely done. I haven't looked at the transom yet to drill for the extra hole. I like where you did yours, so I'll have to take a closer look. I went with a Standard Size Transom Fitting* Machined aluminum with nut and o-ring just to make sure I don't cause a leak. I will also replace the rubber cooling jacket around the motor. That leaks like **** and I don't really like having my batteries sitting in water.

    Again... nicely done and thanks for sharing.

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    good thanks for your posting..

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    Have you tried it out yet?
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