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    Pull starter and body openings...

    I just ordered a new shiny silver and red traxxas body for my tmaxx 3.3 4907.

    I got tired of the starter system because i have to carry the wand and i am going for pull start.

    Do i need to cut the new body for the pull starter? If so, pics please.

    Or do you guys pull start it and then put body back on with no holes in the body.

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    Generally. I start mine with the body off, because it's easier and u can actually see what your working with, but it is not impossible to start it with the body. No. You don't have to cut the body. Plenty of room to start it with the body on. You can pull it through the rear wheel well but I don't recommend this because the body is sharp around the edges and can and will cut the rope after a while. Depending on the body. Some allow enough space for the pull starter rope to pass through the top where the motor sticks out

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    If I recall... you open up the truck bed for the fuel tank and starter. Usually for the first start of the day, I'd pull the body, but after that, I wouldn't. I usually extended the starter neck a bit by adding another inch or so of fuel line under the handle so it would stand up a bit taller.

    Been so long since I had a maxx... I don't remember it that well. But as far as the starter/fuel tank location was concerned, it was a lot like a savage and I do the same with it.

    I honestly ran half bodies on my t-maxx's most of their lives due to the rear of the body getting mangled so badly. I'd use a new era 3 point roll bar and hillbilly the half body on the truck with a bumper on the rear shock tower for something to give at least.

    As an example of body life (and where I'd have cut outs for the fuel/starter)... the start of a bash:

    Couple hours later:

    And an example of a half body I'd run in my bb maxx in the middle:
    Expert rigging at it's best!

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