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    Unhappy Problems with Pinion/Spur gears (keep destroying them) **VIDEO Included**

    I have had my Xmaxx since day one....

    I have a Max 6 Hobbywing ESC Running Twin 8400 Traxxas Batteries (6S) and I have the punch setting on my ESC on the lowest setting (Punch Setting of 1)

    The rest of the truck is pretty much stock, minus the Traxxas Spiral Diff. gears.

    18/50 gearing...
    I am running a Traxxas 18T Pinion gear with a HotRacing 50t STEEL Spur gear. (Pin "G" on the Traxxas pin selector)

    I installed a brand new 50T Steel Hot Racing Spur with a brand new Traxxas 18T Pinion and went for a drive...

    After exactly 15 minutes of driving this is what my Spur/Pinion look like: (Watch the entire video please)

    I have small chips in my gears in random various locations.

    What can cause this?

    I am using a brand new Traxxas Spur gear shaft, with brand new slipper clutch steel center bearing, and 2 new shaft support bearings as well. These all have only 15 minutes on them too as I installed them at the same time as the pinion and spur gear.

    Is this a cause for concern or is it somewhat normal?

    There is NO DEBRIS in the gear area, and I do run with the gear cover ON the truck.

    The truck runs great other than this... The motor is tight, and the 4 bolts to the grey cover are tight (not over torqued or stripped)

    Edit: Slipper clutch is COMPLETELY locked down. If I loosen it even a little to allow it to slip the nut with back off within a few minutes, extremely annoying... (Its even double nutted)
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