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Thread: What a blast

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    What a blast

    Just tried my new X Maxx. This is my first electric truck had Nitro's before. Took the X Maxx out today and we had a light dusting of snow on the ground and this thing just goes. No issues, love it. I had a question, Once i was done the truck had snow all over it, took the body off and snow all over the motor and speed control. I know this is suppose to be all water proof but will it damage anything. There is a small fan in the speed control will snow or water damage this. Once i was done i brought the truck in let the snow melt and blew it dry......Just want to make sure as i don't want it to break down on me yet.


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    Glad your enjoying the truck!

    Mine has literally been stuck completely under water for 30 minutes before I could retrieve it so I'm going to say your perfectly fine lol.

    Just don't let the fan in the speed control get "stopped" by anything (leaves, snow etc)

    I am in Colorado on vacation and brought my Xmaxx and I ended up buying this

    Traxxas X-Maxx TBR Dusty Motors Protection Cover Shroud - 85033 (Google that)

    Best investment ever!

    It's $30 or so, and you literally NEVER have to worry again about anything getting stuck in to the fan and best of all you don't have to clean the truck because only the control arms and stuff get dirty...

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    you should be good with the snow plevasseur. Keep running that Maxx in the snow.
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    Another satisfied customer. Post a pic of your truck when you get a chance.

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    Just be sure to dry it off when you are done for the day and spray the bearings and axles with WD-40. If you run anywhere with salted streets, wash it with fresh water before drying.

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