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    Upgrade brushed e-maxx or make my own brushed e-maxx and which upgrades?

    I want to buy/build a brushed e-maxx, because I want a second 1/8 monster truck, don't need it to go fast and have wanted one for most of my life. My question really is this: are the plastics still rubbish, can a few upgrades like braces or rpm/aluminium parts improve durability enough to the point I can drive without having to worry about breaking it and what motor upgrade would you recommend?

    After some research there seem to be three ways to go with durability upgrades:
    1) buy stock and get some t-bone bumpers, the skid plate and braces and a better slipper clutch/spur.
    2) upgrade the stock truck with rpm/aluminium bits and get a more durable slipper clutch/spur.
    3) build your own truck.

    Which option should I choose and is there a better alternative?

    There are three alternative motor setups that I've found:
    1) dual revolver 650S kershaw design motors for a significant, but still relatively small increase in power (1.1-1.2 times increase, although with this setup an e-maxx should have way more torque than with dual titans).
    2) dual revolver 700 HO's for over double the power of two titans!
    3) single dewalt 820 for about (guessing here as I couldn't find the specs) 1.25 to 1.5 times the power of two titans or slightly more than dual 650S's and its rebuildable.

    Are the 650S's enough to make an E-maxx feel fast, or should I go for a single 820, or should I even go for dual 700 HO's for basically brushless performance? Whatever setup I am going for in the end still has to be somewhat easy to drive, as I wnat a monster truck for relaxed driving, not flips, big jumps or other stunts.

    Other performance upgrades I am definitely going to buy are the aluminium shock set and better, but probably cheap, servos.

    Anyone have any experience with similar projects?

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    GamerSteamtrain, With your type of driving, upgrades should not be considered until a part is broken or worn out. I had stock parts on one of my trucks for years and it has worked just fine. I only performed maintenance on it. It was driven like what you have stated in this thread. I later did some upgrades because of all the upgrades that are available. It's a hobby and that's what happen.

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