Got an idea this evening, while thinking about my 1999 Dodge Power Wagon Concept hard body, particularly, in regard to what chassis it would fit best on. I've had that body over two years and have yet to be satisfied with any previous ideas. Even just recently I had thought it best to mount it on an Everest 10 crawler, but became unhappy with how it would hinder articulation for crawling.

Well, a few weeks back I was looking at mounting a similar hard body on my recently acquired Stampede 4x4 VXL pre-roller chassis, but wasn't certain I wanted to have it on such a fast monster truck (because I set it up for bashing).

Weeks later, and only a few hours ago, I was contemplating selling the Stampede 4x4, because I have a Slash 4x4 pre-roller chassis that will soon be built into a sort of monster truck, and there's no point in having two, especially with the Slash 4x4 being more stable and versatile.

Now, however, I see potential to repurpose the Stampede 4x4 as a sort of park/trail truck. Essentially, I would be converting it to a Telluride. I've already got it powered, currently, by a waterproofed Traxxas ET-3S esc(sensor-capable), and a waterproof high-torque servo w/Castle BEC, so I could easily drop in a higher turn sensored brushless motor. After all, I wouldn't want to bash it, and risk breaking a good hard body.

Would I try taking it on serious trails? No, because it has open differentials and independent 4-wheel suspension, but it would be terrific for going to parks, walking light forest trails, or chillin' at a campground! Come to think of it, there are some easy trails in the Cascade Mountains, where I do most of my serious trailing, and these trails, though a bore to an Axial SCX10, would make a Telluride feel totally in its element.

The 2.2 wheel/tire/foam combo I had planned to put on the Everest 10 turned out to be too small, but could now be used on this build, and would help with scale appeal. I'm not totally sold on the idea, but it feels good to get the creative juices going, on this cold, dead winter's night.