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    Steering servo setup.

    So I bought a new servo horn and steering linkage. Anyone have a pic on setup. Do I use horn A? The exploding view does show what screws.

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    I don't have the truck in front of me, but if memory serves there are two versions. You should likely use the one that bends somewhat downward (closer to the servo housing) and not the straight one. If you use the straight one, the screw head will be offset enough to hit virtually everything you drive over. Mount everything and see - hopefully (when you look at the truck from the side), the entire servo horn linkage will be "hidden" behind the front bulkhead arms. You want to avoid having any part of the steering linkage closest to the ground

    I actually changed the linkage balls. I popped out the balls from the linkage and popped in some that are screw-and-ball-in-one. The ones I used came from the anti-roll bar assembly. That takes another few millimeters of "height" from the steering linkage, further hiding everything closer to the chassis (no screw heads at all).

    I took away these:

    ...and used this kind instead:
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