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    Question Wanting to upgrade tires 2.8

    . I'm wanting to upgrade my stock tires on my nitro slash 2wd to 2.8 proline trenchers or badlands. Just needing some info/help on what to buy for installation. I've seen some threads saying I'll need to trim the body which is fine. But if somebody could lead me in the right direction or maybe a list of what I need and best place to order from that would be great. Do I need different a-arms? Should I get all rears? Fronts? And what about an adjustable body mount? Rpm has and adjustable body mount for nitro, but proline only has and extended body mount for electric, not nitro. (That i have found) Or, will that proline body mount work for nitro as well?

    Thanks in advance to whoever can help me out. Basically want bigger tires a day find the correct body mount to raise up the body.
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    Wanting to upgrade tire

    Thanks for the info. I think Ill order one in the next few weeks.

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    Wanting to upgrade tires 2.8

    Heres a set of 2.8 Badlands on my Nitro Slash. Id definitely recommend them; gives the truck a much more aggressive stance and super fun to drive. I bolted mine on without modifying anything else.

    Used this set for the front:

    And this set for the rear:

    Id recommend switching to aluminum hexes on the truck. Be sure to use thread lock on the wheel nuts (Ive stripped out hexes/wheels with 2.8s on the Slash when I skipped this).

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