I know the VXL ESC has a low-voltage detection on it for the Lipos, but what about when you are running the Nihm packs? How do you know when the pack is low enough where you need to stop running it? I’m assuming that you need to run the pack all the way out before you charge it again so it doesn’t develop a “memory”…right? I’m noticed that when the NiHM pack gets low, the truck starts acting strange….it still seems like it had plenty of power, but it doesn’t want to take off sometimes until you squeeze the throttle a few times……is that normal?
What about charging them? Besides letting them cool down first….is there anything special you need to do when charging them? I’ve got my Thunder AC6 charger set on a max 3.0 amps when charging NiHM packs, and it seems to work fine like this.
I’ve pretty familiar with Lipo’s, but haven’t messed with NiHM packs much.