Hey guys! with hobby peopeple going out of business i been finding items for cheap for customs. today walked out with two telluride bodies.

While i don't actually own any 6x6's i do have 4x6's this body is made for a rustler 4x6. but i felt the thread about the body belonged here.

The goal of this body / project was to modify the front body as little as possible, so that, on demand you can separate the bodies and use it on the regular 4x4. I think i have done that. only modification needed to the forward half (hood half) of the body is 4 screw holes. i will be adding a piece of weather stripping between the bodies to reduce flapping, noise, and hopefully any flex.

i am going to paint it simple, blue body, white fenders, clear windows.

this is what i started with, laying them on the table and sizing it up.

next was to mark and cut it so that the rear body overlaps the forward body.

marking holes to join the bodies.

two in the top and one on each side. (this is just for fun, i can always add more later)

kinda flat? right?