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    Castle ESC Punch Control setting similar to Traxxas ESC setting.

    So on Christmas, my sister's roommate's 2 boys each got a slash with the Titan setup. Your basic 2wd Slash, same that I have. But I've had mine since the summer and installed a Castle Sidewinder 3 ESC with the 4600kv. They got hooked on mine which is why we all bought them a Slash, lipos, charger, etc for xmas. It was actually decent weather in Ohio on xmas day, a little wet out and we all went outside and ran our cars. Well they kept smoking me off the line. Of course the default for the punch setting is off on the Castle ESC, meaning I was getting 100% power when I pulled the trigger. I was just sitting there spinning everywhere, and there's no TSM obviously on a Castle setup. I'd finally catch them, but this was after spinning all over finally getting some grip.

    So today, after I read the instructions again for like a 3rd time, I finally understood how to get into the ESC settings with only the controller and no USB Castle link. LOL. Every time I read the instructions it was like my brain was being scrambled, but I finally figured out what they were trying to explain in how to change the ESC settings.

    Anyhow, I finally changed my setting from off to medium. It was a lot better on the take off. I still did spin a little. So I changed the setting to high, which is the setting that will take my truck the longest to go from stop to full power. I still had just a minor amount of spin but I feel like it is better to take off at medium to high. Because if I go against their trucks again, I'll blow them out the water because the brushless is just plain faster than the brushed. Ain't no kids gonna beat me! Ha.

    Is there a comparable setting for the Caste that would be the same punch as Traxxas has their Slash set to? Even my Pede 4x4 VXL i bought a week ago, you can tell has a delay in getting to full power, otherwise as I said, you'll just spin out of control and never get anywhere. I feel like maybe the high setting is similar to the Traxxas ESC.

    Which setting do any of you use??? I'm just glad after all this time, I took the time to figure out how to change the setting. It even says in the setup guide that you'll want to most definitely change this setting because you'll want to control your vehicle. Glad I finally did.

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    Get a castle link. It will give you easier access to all the functions such as adjusting torque.
    Keep playing, one change only each time. See what works for you, even shock tuning is important, oil and rate can be adjusted.
    Every truck is different along with the driver.
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