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    Post M41 Wobbles at High Speed on the 3s

    I am new to the RC boat world and I've noticed on my catamaran at high speeds on the 3s, the boat wobbles side to side rapidly when full throttle on the 3s. It does not do this on the 2s. Could this be caused by my rudder not being stable? Has anyone else experienced this? Nothing looks broken, the servo is working properly and the rudder looks good. Let me know what you guys think.

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    it days it on rc cars to when the TSM it very high. try turning the TSM down to about half way.
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    It's the dreaded chine walk. If turning your tsm down does not fix you probably have something not quite set right.

    Your batteries may be too far back. Move them forward a bit and that will increase the wet area. Make sure the boat isn't warped. Just put it on a flat table with the rudder removed or hanging off the table and the boat should NOT rock side to side.

    Is your strut and rudder setting stock? if not check that and put back to stock. I do find running in calm water I'm better at 1 degree or 0 angle on the strut but 2degrees is a good spot for most conditions then tune with battery placement.

    mine did the same thing at speed on 6s. check everything one area at a time. good luck

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    I'm running all my rigs, X-Maxx, Revo BE, Rustler VXL, and DCB-M41 at 0=TSM and 11 O'clock on trim. Seems to work for my operating style best. 6S on Maxx , Revo and M41. You will always be pecking at the steering on these light rigs. My Rusty has servo chatter on full TSM.

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