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    Anyone put clear plastisol or equivalent on outside of body?

    My new ProGraphix is ordered and on the way. I plan to Line-X the inside after painting but am looking to do something to protect the outside. I've had less than two hours run time and have scraped up the original body pretty bad as well as had the bed crease a bit. I know the Line-X will prevent the "buckling" but I'd like to keep the exterior looking good. I purchased some Plastisol clear for the outside but before I apply it I was wondering if anyone had feedback or had tried something similar?

    I also ordered a clear body that I will Line-X the inside and am going to try a vinyl wrap on the outside. Even on this one I'd like to have something to keep from scraping the snot out of it if possible. Ideas?

    I thought about buying one of the nylon roll cages off of fleabay like the ones on the Summit but I think they're fugly.
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    I think it's impossible to prevent scrapes, no matter what you put on the body. That Chinese roll cage on eBay is probably the only solution to keep the body semi protected from rolls, etc. it's ugly but if you work it into the theme of your X it could look less ugly. Like painting the clear body all black would give it a "Madd (X)Maxx" type look with the cage.
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