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    Charging 4 at once?


    I now have 4 batteries. two 8.4 3000 mah & two 8.4 4200 mah.


    I would like to charge them all at the same time.


    Should I buy three more traxxas wall adapters, and three
    more 4 amp quick chargers? This would be about 85$.

    Or should I be Looking at a pair of Dual port chargers?

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    Depends on how far you intend on going in the future. The traxxas dual id maxes out at 4A per port, which is fine for the 3000mah packs, but a little on the weak side for anything more than 4000mah packs. It will charge at the same rate as 2 4 amp quick chargers.

    I run 9000mah 2S lipo packs in my erbe. I started with the traxxas dual id, but ended up getting a dynamite 4x100w/4x10A charger which cut my charge time from 2.5+ hours to ~1 hour.
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