I will soon have my first set of bead lock rims and tires, I hope, if i can make up my mind on final options. I intend to get IMEX J7s. For now, I am doing this mostly for aesthetics and to test sturdiness and traction off road of stock tires vs J7s while keeping size.

I may get something smaller one day to test handling but for now I am more interested in clearance thus larger tires similar to what comes with the Xmaxx. I also like big air, so I am curious about how the different tires might affect landings i.e., absorbing the shock of impact. Dont know if i can really judge this, it may be subjective based upon my eye or how many times I break something on landings.

Anyway, I assume bead lock tires and rims will be easier to mount than glued and I absolutely love the look of bead locks over glued. Plus, while I have not had many problems with my own glued tires (occasionally did not work well for me - user error I am sure), I assume overall bead lock rims/tires hold up better, but I will not know until after I have had a few pairs and put them through the ringer.

Price of tires and availability always comes into play, too. With that in mind, what I am wondering is if any tire that generally fits a bead lock rim will mount properly. If so, in theory I would have more alternatives on tire choices based upon either price or even more options with tread, rubber density/elasticity, etc., "while still using bead lock rims."

I am not going to even get into asking how to tell if a tire will fit a rim. For now, I will just give the following example of what I am pondering related more to design of tire vs. design of rim:

-- I may or may not like the stock Xmaxx tires once I get my Xmaxx (its in route now). But lets assume that I do like the stock Xmaxx tires for either purpose, price or both, but I want the bead lock functionality and look, would they mount to the same J7 rims, since they are both over sized truck tires?

Appreciate any related thoughts on subject items.