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    Reedy Motor hot in slash?

    So I recently pulled my castle 1410 combo out of my slash because it's too powerful for messing around on a track. So since I race and use reedy motors and speedos, and i know they kick butt for stock classes, why not buy one for my slash! I bought the reedy 3300kv motor with the hobbywing 60 amp esc. I dropped it in, expecting it to be milder I geared down from 23/90 to 19/90 as a starting point. The motor hits a temperature of 180 degrees. For my stock buggies this isn't a problem, but in a short course truck, it is. I would go down to a 17 tooth pinion but I dont want to over rev my new motor. I also noticed that the stock gearbox has a PLASTIC motor plate? Insane! Should I go to a plastic gear box with metal motor mount? Thanks.

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    Reedy Motor hot in slash?

    An all-metal transmission will really bring your temps down. A plastic case with a metal motor plate will also help keep you cool. All-metal are usually more expensive which is the only drawback.

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