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    Hot Racing Cooling Jacket

    Thinking of upgrading my M-41 this Spring to some Hot Racing products those parts include

    1. Water Cooling Motor Jacket ( what is the difference from stock )
    2. Dual Pick up Rudder
    3. Adjustable Trim Tab's
    4.Dual Water outlet
    5.Cooling Ferrule nipples
    6.Water Cooling Tubing

    Any thoughts on these upgrades would be helpful pro's / cons ECT I would like to know before I invest the money on these parts.... Thanks...

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    If it makes it better, go for it.

    But I just wanna share my idea for a ridiculous mod.. maybe you could add some sort of overgeared tranny to the motor to make the boat go 70+.. you know, maybe a mod 1 17/11 gear ratio setup with an extra airplane motor with a propellor or 2.. or 4..

    You know, just go with those upgrades you have

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    The cooling upgrades yes.

    The difference between the stock and an upgraded cooling jacket is it fixes the leaking issue with the rubber stock cooling jacket.

    The Trim tabs...I've heard for the M41 the HR Adjustable Trim tabs do not trim up enough. If you want a better adjustable trim tab check out RC Boat Bitz. They also have a very nice selection of M41 upgrades.

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