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Thread: New to electric

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    New to electric

    Hi guys, I'm not new to rc but I've always been a nitro guy. It's been a really long and cold winter and I haven't been able to even start my nitros and it got me thinking about getting an electric for those days when I can't drive nitro. I'm pretty sure I've narrowed it down to the Traxxas summit.
    But before I invest I'd like to get your guys thoughts on the pros and cons of it, problems it has or out of the box upgrades and tips.
    Anything like that would be appreciated

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    Buy the summit its really a great thing. Theres always pros and cons of every. Electric is always ready to go, the right battery will give you really good run times, no waiting around for warm ups. Besides the more rc's the better.

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    This isn't meant to be absolute but:

    Remote switching High/Low speed transmission
    Remote switching Front/Rear locking differentials
    Large soft grippy tires
    HD axles
    Great for crawling
    Great for bashing
    Long runtime with 7600mah+ lipos

    Top heavy
    Not built for speed
    Differentials are prone to destruction if bashing at high speed with locked diffs
    Requires more frequent maintenance compared to other mainstream RCs

    All these are subjective since this is a All Terrain/Crawling/Bashing/Do All RC. The cons certainly are not necessarily bad considering the type and capability of the vehicle. I upgraded mine to a Castle brushless sensored system and while I am still perfecting my particular setup, it does take the Summit to another level. However in tue stock form the Summit is a BLAST. I have owned the Revo 3.3 & T-maxx and the Summit (for me) is hands down a favorite!

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