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    Rebuilding the bug - Chopper Car

    I can't seem to do one thing at a time, so I decided to pull apart my in-laws "Chopper Car".
    A little history; I built this one for one purpose, to exercise a puppy. Well, that was 7 years ago now! My father in law loved the way his 5 month old "Chopper" dog would chase the ERBE when I ran it at his house when visiting. Lots of property, 2 acres grassed for the dog to run... He loved it so much I built one for him, from spare and leftover parts. The risky part is it had to be bullet proof, dog proof and inlaw proof! So, the "Chopper Car" was born. A white Bug body on an old converted brushed revo. Surprisingly it ran for several years with absolutely no drivability issues! Just little stuff! A bent drive shaft, several bent pushrods, leaking differentials and a leaking rear shock. It still ran around for the dog to chase.

    They recently moved into a smaller place and the dog "Chopper" has outgrown the joy of chasing the "Chopper Car". So it's made its way back to my workbench for some TLC.

    It's a two speed transmission setup to run on 2s2p with a junk Integy ESC and motor. Note the extra small servo.
    This thing was so packed with sand and dirt, I spent half an hour with the air hose blowing all the loose debris out.

    I had zip tied some flaps to the rear arms to prevent large debris from wrapping around the drive shafts. They seem to have worked. I might adopt that idea on my sand build with some lighter material. Will see...

    Differential is all gunked up from leaking. Time for a rebuild. The metal half shafts are bent, so gonna get replaced.

    This is gonna be a bash mobile. Zero um "cares" given. Time for a bigger motor & ESC and some drivetrain updates!

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    Found the leaking diff culprit; a bad seal

    Surprisingly the gears were in OK shape. The bearings were shot though.

    I still may upgrade the ESC/motor, but honestly I can't stand messing with dirty, gritty receiver boxes... lol

    So... with a rebuilt diff, rebuilt shocks and new drive shafts it's back in service... for now.

    I'll try to get a video of the dog chasing it around the yard sometime, it's quite funny.

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