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Thread: My slash 4x4

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    My slash 4x4

    Hey guys!
    First off thank you for reading, I was wondering if anyone has any tips for next upgrades on my slash.

    Here's some background on it:
    Started as a platinum slash 4x4
    Spektrum dx4c, MIP at all 4 corners, rpm all around, proline body post, proline front bulk head, and my favorite upgrade, castle sidewinder 8.
    If you have any idea what my next upgrades should be please post!

    Recently was jumping it and bent the center shaft, LOL. That was the hardest I've bashed it though. Won't be doing that again.

    Thanks in advance for the tips!

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    go with a tekno center shaft

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    Welcome to the Traxxas forums!

    In that case, how about a Tekno Dog Bone center drive shaft?

    Other then that, it sounds like you have a solid build... maybe X0-1 diffs?
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    Thanks guys! I was thinking about getting a Tekno shaft. As of now I've had no issues diff wise, however have looked into doing the xo-1 mod.

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