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    My Summit. AKA Chloe.

    Hi there!

    This thread will be about my Traxxas Summit, aka Chloe, and how it became hole.

    I'd like to start with saying Chloe didn't start as a RTR, or even a roller, rather parts.

    It all started about 6 years ago when I decided to purchase a Summit chassis and a few other parts. I planned to build It up over time, however that did not happen.
    Fast forward about 3 years and I still have the chassis, however decided to buy a Emaxx roller. For the Emaxx I put in a Castle MM2, Savox servos, Summit transmission, and more.
    Emaxx was fun, mostly kept up with other Summits, and then some, but the diffs and ground clearance were limiting it.
    Fast forward again to 3 more years (2017) I finally decide to build my “dream” Summit.
    I sat on my workbench with a Summit chassis, MANY parts from the Emaxx, and an ambition.

    First thing first, figuring up what I needed.
    In no particular order heres what I needed to build Chloe:
    Front and rear diffs
    All 6 drive shafts
    T lock module for aftermarket radios
    Body post
    Shifting/ T lock linkages
    Shifting/T lock servos
    A arms
    Push roads
    Bulk heads
    Skid plates
    And most likely a few other things I forgot.

    After ordering everything, I decided to do what I could to have the truck ready for the parts.
    I removed all stickers, and black plastic parts off the chassis. I did this because the first mod I did was dye the chassis. I do this to all my rigs. On the Summit the gray would not have looked good at all, You will see what I mean in the pictures.

    Once I got all the parts off eBay and had them delivered, I decided to build it. I took the easy route and used power tools on the lowest setting possible.

    Im not going to get into the build of it, but here's what I took off the Emaxx:
    All electronics
    17mm hex
    Proline tires

    If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment below!

    I will post pictures soon!

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    Looks great! What light bar is that?

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    Proline 6in curved bar with custom mounting brackets.

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