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    Toruble Shooting Help

    I am having some issues with my Drone. We have charged the batteries fully. Replaced all batteries even in the radio. When we attempt to take off. The drone will only go about a foot off the ground and we cannot get it to go any higher. We can move it right and left. We are perplexed. Took to local hobby shop but they do not work on the them so I came here looking for help. I have replaced two of the four motors. Can anyone provide some help or reasons or something to look at to help. I really want it flying again. Thanks

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    Do an accelerometer and transmitter restoration (

    Then with a full battery perform what is called the dip test. Hold it carefully in your hand, power up the motors and dip each corner to verify if the motor below the others speeds up. If it does not or struggles to then that motor needs replacement.

    Also confirm that the motors are plugged in correctly (red to red, black to black) and that the letter on the blade (A or B) matches the corresponding letter on the board next to the motor harness.
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