Took my alias outside for a cruise, in the dark of winter. Had a few good runs smashed into a building a couple times and it fell about 20 feet onto some pallets. Very Durable because I retreived it easilly with all the blinking lights.
Anyways, got stuck in a tree right after about 50ft up. Hit the gas a few times and got the props to turn and dropped it down a little easier to grab. No biggie climb the tree about 30ft and chucked it down into the snow. It was probably already wet from crashing onto the snowy pallets.
Anyways, once I got out of the tree and grabbed the drone to Arm it and keep flying, it would briefly arm, I would hit the gas then it would stop like the motor/props were stuck. Anyways did this a few times and then nothing. THEN ALL THE SUDDEN one of the props just starts spinning full tilt without and controls. I tried arming and shut off my controller. STILL RIPPING AWAY!!!! So I disconnect the battery on the machine and thankfully it stopped. (Would have been alarmed if it didnt)
Anyways, after that I brought it inside to dry out. Obviously the snow turned to water and shorted somthing. The GOOD NEWS is that after it dried it fired right up and was good to go. No permanent damage.

Summary: Dont get the unit wet it does not like it. I am dissapointed to be waiting until summer before I can fly outdoors again, but glad there was permanent damage because the flight controllers are not avaliable to replace.
Thanks for reading. PS: This was my 2nd ever flight. Lost my first drone first flight. And this was my first flight with this one. Needless to say im not easy on stuff and like to take it to the MAX before I even know whats good for me.
Edit Ramble: The drones durability is super impressive and I had so much fun losing the first one I had to get another. Worth it, but would like to see some water resistance.