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    TQI Receiver channel 2 Problem

    Hello Guys!
    i have problem with my receiver (part# is 6518)

    I have hobbywing esc connected to receiver and it worked fine over year.

    The problem is that when i'm trying to connect esc plug to channel 2, there is noting happening, no throttle at all. red light blinks on esc an noting happens. Channel 1, both servos working fine, but channel 2 is not working.
    what could be the problem?

    Battery on transmitter is new, everything restored to factory defaults but noting helps....

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    It's possible the throttle trim has been moved while the Tx or Rx was off, not sure what Tx you are using. If the trim has been changed, the ESC may be in safety mode. Rather than starting with forward or reverse motor movement.

    Follow the ESC's recalibration steps and that'll likely resolve this. I have a cheap ESC in one build that does this. Every time the Tx throttle trim is moved while the Rx is off, it will require a recalibration. Recalibrating won't hurt either.

    Hope this helps!

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