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    Question Something wrong with steering linkage

    So i dont know how to post pictures on this forum so i put it on this link:
    Thats a picture of my Summits steering linkage where you can see that the rods connected to the servo horn are very short. I did the 2 servo steering servo aligment from this video:
    and i made the steering linkage as short as they can be the metallic screw rod is pushing the hollow balls trough the plastic and thats not good either. So what is causing this?
    Heres a video where you can see what the issue is:

    As you can see here the hollow ball is popping out from the servo horn because it doesnt have enough reach and if i put the screw in the servo starts buzzing. I tried to set the servo end points but then i had very litle steering.

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    @277oz... you could just run one of those things. My servo has 172oz and it nearly overpowers the heavy duty spring as it is. I have to guess a single 277oz servo (especially on the short hole, which is more than 277oz as the rating is for 1" arm) will easily overpower the servo saver spring which means your other servo is a total waste anyway.

    That said, if you take the little turnbuckle rod out and grind a mm or so off each end, then you may get enough adjustment to make it so the servos don't fight each other. Adjusting end points on paired servos doesn't do anything for them fighting each other. The only adjustment that will do that is the turnbuckles going to the arms.

    Or, you need to adjust the horns on both servos to be one spline back, then readjust the turnbuckles to fit.

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    I found the easiest way to adjust dual servo setup is, Remove steering linkage and make sure remote is centered, Make sure both servo horns are centered on servos, Starting with one side adjust linkage so your wheels are centered, Make sure everything turns freely, then adjust and install the other side. Iv done my summits this way every time with no issues. You will get a little buzzing once and a while depending on suspension load. Double check each stem with weight on the tires

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