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Thread: 4 tec 2.0

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    4 tec 2.0

    Hello all....

    Well its just about mid March already anyone know when the 4 TEC 2.0 is coming out... I am chomping @ the bit hear.... my HS does not know either ( my HS said they should get it by the end of the month )

    We only have like 2 more weeks to go.......

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    No one ever knows an exact release as Traxxas never gives one. They simply give a projected time of the month. I preordered from Towerhobbies and just waiting on that "your item has shipped" email like I did with the X-Maxx. Should be any time now.
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    Yup, just waiting for that call from my LHS saying that it is in, but they have no definitive date.
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    the online shops say March 31st... i'm starting to get the shakes in anticipation...

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