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    Custom working dashboard on the summit

    So I am getting a new summit this week, I am thinking about getting a hardshell jeep body for it, my goal is for scale realism, yet still be functional, so my thought is install the sensor system for it and I found a small waterproof smartphone, it has a 2.5" lcd screen, I'm thinking about making a plate that will sit on the front of the phone, with cut outs to show the details of the link app, battery, speed etc... my question is what do you all think, would it look realistic or out of place? If I can find a way to make it fit correctly that is, pleasee give me your thoughts on it.

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    Great idea, but I don't think you will be able to display information proper to make it look good. Also, that is another battery/power system to be maintained on your truck. Plus, scale realism and the Summit chassis really don't go together.
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