Hey Gunner,

I agree with you 100% about the side-load. And good question. Let me try to elaborate. The way we adjusted the "2mm" spacer was really just getting things the way they should have been in the first place. I don't have the exact spec at the moment, and I celebrated Cinco de Mayo a little bit, but I can definitively say that the outer spacer was too wide, closer to 2.25mm. We started by removing a small amount of material, then reassembling and measuring. After several subsequent dis-assemblies, machining, re-assemblies and measuring, we got it where it fit best in my particular stub axle carriers. As a testament to Traxxas' consistency, all four sets of rear stub carriers I own were nearly identical. This ended up being very close to the 2mm that the spacers should have been from the factory.

With that being said, the entire load on the bearing, when tightening the hex, or in my case, the barrel nuts, does not apply any abnormal pressure, or load, to the bearing. When the unit is completely assembled, all pressure emanating from the barrel nuts is transferred through the inner race of the outer bearing... to the outer spacer... onto the inner race of the inner bearing & spacer and then finally that pressure is contained by the inner bearing race landing on the MIP Keyed Axle (#10131) The radial plane of the bearing still rest as it should, without bind, in the carrier, and the outer race just sits snug. I think the reward is worth the time spent!