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    Ideas for an XO-2

    Hey guys, I just got a great idea for the (possibly) next XO-1.

    These ideas may not work, but they're good to consider:

    Motor cooling fan on motor shaft (Behind pinion, mounts w/ pinion)
    1/5 scale dual motor (2200 each?)
    8S, Maybe 12S
    2.8 Modified XO-1 Tires (or Jacos)
    Super sleek, super low body
    My favorite - Centrifuge Powered Motor <-- Which may take explaining.. Basically a couple of weights on the wheels to reduce stress on motor and higher top speed..
    Transmitter w/ Screen (Also built in telemetry)
    Insanely high gearing (32/21?)
    Top Speed of over 150mph (or 200 to break a WR?)
    3-speed transmission
    Servo for wing (High/Low)
    Servo for shocks (High/Low)
    Mechanical Brakes
    Lots of Weights

    Anyways, this list would make up everyone's dream RC car. And make it (at least) under 1500$.. lol

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    Wouldn't have to worry about weights if that 8s-12s was recalculated to Nicad...........

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    Front and rear LEDs with LED buckets..
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    I wouldn't do NiCad or NiMH, because although they make great weights, they can't release the amount of amperage the ESC needs at very high speeds.

    LED's would be nice, because then you could see it from very far away.

    I also have a few more ideas for it:

    Front and rear servo
    Servo for Wheelie Bar
    Thinner Chassis design, with super-low LCG
    2.8 XO-1 Tires with titanium rims
    8-Gauge Wiring
    Comes with batteries and charger.. , either Li-HV or Li-Ce (because Li-Po's, honestly, aren't enough for today's technology )
    Air Vents, with Cooling fans inside for motor
    Anti-Ballooning Batteries
    Anti-Balooning Tires (Compound? I've seen a Bugatti go 250 and its tires don't balloon..)
    23mm Hex wheel mounts
    Dual Cush Drive (In front and rear diffs)
    Locking Suspension
    Locking A-arms
    Sealed front end (For less air getting under the body and lifting the car)
    No more pins!
    Dual Castle XL-2 system, 800kV
    Lockout Mode (because this can severely injure people..)
    Bugatti Body (Yes, I said it.. with lights)

    My favorite -> Air-sealed Tires, because I have just read a horror story about drilling holes in tires..

    So yea. At this point the car would probably take 2 years to make and cost well over my budget.. lol
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    make it have dual motors!
    cool ain't cheap -Dan Dreger

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    More Ideas!

    Overgeared Front Differential, which will take a bit of explaining.. So the dual-motor system will power the back two wheels with its customized transmission, then from the rear wheels will come a shaft, which will go back through the car to the front (Just like 4WD), but here's the catch. There are over-geared differentials that will make the front two wheels spin faster than the rear wheels. Then, the car could go an extra 100+mph or so, with the front wheels spinning faster, making the car go faster!

    Make it as flat and narrow as possible, maybe a weird scale, like 1/6 or even a thin 1/4.

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    Wouldn't you roach tires and drive train components spinning the front wheels faster. The front would be trying to drag the rear and the rear would be holding back the front. Or I'm crazy? Pretty rad ideas otherwise. But yeah, the buget.

    Whoa, tap the brakes on the flat and wide (it would flutter away at speed) unless you are gonna incorporate a fan system that sucks the chassis to the ground as speed increases but then you're essentially creating more drag to overcome.
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