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    TQi bluetooth point is broken

    Recently I was in trouble.TQi bluetooth point is broken.
    My XO - 1 (64077-3) accessory original bluetooth charged so far in time not more than 50 hours, with bluetooth module connected mobile phone last night, and then enter the traxxas the Links in the software set in the steering gear options, in the process of steering gear in a fine-tuning (that is the point, in the process of fine-tuning!), a green light is not lit up.
    I thought it was no electricity, change new battery, the result found green light still does not turn on the switch, but at the same time, the bluetooth module can still lights and normal connection links, but in the links, has shown that the remote control and cars are red.
    I think this is the case, found near and on the Internet and I have a lot of the same phenomenon, is also in the adjustment, the amount of steering gear (or fine tune to.My links version is the latest apple version.
    This let me worry about traxas tqi bluetooth control is in adjustment, the amount of steering gear (or fine-tuning to frequent cases occur this kind of failure.Now I can't use another spare TQI adjusted by the control connection links, hoping to help the official.

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    Sorry, I'm not able to help you. I'm not understanding what you are trying to say here.
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